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Loose Leaf Tea / 15 Compostable Tea Sachets (75g)

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    Fukamushicha is said to have been born in the area around the Makinohara Plateau, which spans Shimada City, Kikugawa City, and Makinohara City in Shizuoka Prefecture. Normal sencha is steamed for about 30 to 40 seconds, while fukamushicha is steamed for more than a minute, two to three times longer. It not only reduces bitterness and astringency and increases sweetness, but also provides more nutrients such as catechins, theanine, vitamin C, fiber, and minerals because the tea leaves are finer and pulverized. It has a deep, mellow taste.

    Most Suitable Time to Enjoy:
    It has the perfect balance of caffeine and theanine content, so it is recommended to drink it when you want to relax and stay focused. We recommend it for a refreshing pick-me-up after lunch when you gradually wake up and shift to work mode. It has a pleasant taste, and you can drink it on its own, but it also has a moderate astringency, so it is recommended to drink it with something sweet.

    Cultivar Yabukita
    Single Origin: Kikugawa, Shizuoka, Japan

    • USDA certified organic green tea
    • Net Wt. 2.6 oz (75g) |Loose Leaf Tea / 15 Compostable Tea Sachets (75g)


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