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Loose Leaf Tea / 15 Compostable Tea Sachets (75g)

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    Hojicha is made by roasting sencha, bancha, or stem tea over high heat until it turns golden brown and brings out its aroma. It is heated at about 200 degrees Celsius in a hoji (roasted) machine until the hoji (roasted) aroma is produced, and then it is immediately cooled. Roasting gives the tea its aroma and light, refreshing taste. Hojicha is also called "Bocha" or "kyo bancha" in some regions.

    Most Suitable Time to Enjoy:
    During the roasting stage, the amino acids and sugars contained in the tea leaves produce pyrazine, which is thought to relax the brain and improve blood flow. The aroma of roasting refreshes the palate, making it perfect for after dinner.

    Cultivar Yabukita
    Single Origin: Tenryu, Shizuoka, Japan

    • USDA certified organic green tea
    • Net Wt. 2.6 oz (75g) | Loose Leaf Tea / 15 Compostable Tea Sachets (75g)


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