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Net Wt. 1.8 oz (50g)

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    The green tea used to make matcha is called "tencha," and like gyokuro, it is grown under cover for 20 to 30 days. It is the only green tea that is not rubbed during the manufacturing process. The finished tea is stored for a certain period of time to mature before it is pulled through a millstone. Matcha is dissolved in hot water, so it is nourishing to the whole body and has a firm consistency. It has a rich taste and a fresh aroma like the first-picked tea of the year.

    Most Suitable Time to Enjoy:
    Because of its high caffeine content, it is best to drink it in the morning to give yourself a boost, when you want to wake up fully, or when you want to concentrate. It can also be paired with any food or sweets, as the nutrients in the tea leaves can be absorbed directly.

    Cultivar Yabukita
    Single Origin: Tenryu, Shizuoka, Japan

    • USDA certified organic green tea
    • Net Wt. 1.8 oz (50g) / 25 cups


    Caffeine Level:

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